Club 50+

Our Club 50+ English course is for everyone who

  • is seeking an active holiday with like-minded people
  • wants to learn how to speak more fluently in English
  • is looking for a unique intercultural learning experience

Club 50+ NSTS Students

Our Mediterranean English Celebration (Club 50+) enables you to practise your English, explore Malta and Valletta the European capital of Culture in 2018, meet new people and make friends. The course duration is from 1-5 weeks and is held twice a year from 30 April – 1 June and from 01 October – 2 November.

Course and activities: €360 per week.

Participants have language lessons in the morning and communicate outside the lessons in English.

It is a unique intercultural experience on

  • Arts and crafts
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Country trekking and walks
  • Christianity and Knights crusaders and
  • Valletta the European City of Culture 2018

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