Long Term English Courses

The NSTS – English Language Institute offers young adults long term tuition in both English and Business Studies to prepare you for your life at an English speaking university, and for your international profession or career in our globalised world of English communication.  To make this more effective, NSTS – English Language Institute introduces a new concept in learning: the LONG-TERM ENGLISH TOP-UP courses.

The foundation block of the long term courses and each TOP-UP course is the Long-Term English and its minimum duration is of 8 weeks. Courses generally last for 12 weeks (3 months) and 24 weeks (6 months) with optional additional weeks to each of the 3 durations.

This Long-Term course of General English will provide you with a consistent build-up of the English language and give you a sound foundation for your entire life. You will follow professionally designed, motivating and dynamic lessons based on well proven and tested materials used to maximum effect by your teacher.

Then, alongside your General English lessons you will follow one of the specific TOP-UP courses of 10 weekly lessons. These come in bands of 8 and 12 weeks. Each course will expose you to more challenging objectives, creating a greater motivation to learn and provide you with effective tools for your career and future life. Your teacher will advise you when you are best prepared linguistically to follow your TOP-UP programme.