NSTS Homestays and alternative accommodation

If you travel for local cultural flavours and to exchange personal experiences… copy-of-more-info

… Select a Homestay at a Maltese host family and integrate into daily home life

‘Homestays’ or ‘Host Families’ are a great form of accommodation for all travellers.  Our families are carefully selected and interviewed, not only to warrant that they meet our high service standards and all local government regulations for the hosting of students, but importantly to ensure that the family has a welcoming approach. They offer single and shared rooms on half-board.

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If you wish to enjoy relaxing comfort and retire independently at will…

… Choose one of the range of hotels along the waterfront or in the town centre

We offer a selection of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels near to the NSTS English Language Institute to suit your budget and needs.  Just let us know.


If you want to combine your studies with a pleasant holiday for the family or with friends…

… Ask to rent an apartment, house or villa with a pool

We will help you find the accommodation that fills all your requirements.


Please note that the Ministry of Tourism in Malta has introduced a new Environmental Contribution of €0.50c per person per night on all accommodation to people aged 18 or older starting from 1st June 2016.  For more information, please click here.