Adventure Activities

Regardless of the course you have booked at NSTS – English Language School, the NSTS animateurs have the right dose of fun adventure for you. You can see some of our adventure activities below.

  • NSTS Mini-Olympics challenges your sporting capabilities in field games, competitions, tournaments and team-building activities to give you the sportive cutting edge over your friends and proclaim you the outstanding winner.
  • St. Peter’s Big Splash is an afternoon of exhilarating jumps and dives from high edges into the crystal clear turquoise seas at St Peter’s Pool together with rival contests of different styles of jumps and bomb-splash effects.
  • Ice-breakers are a series of fun and intelligent games with great movement and interactions among participants to break down the communication barriers normally prevalent among strangers and turn them into one big supportive group of friends.
  • Life’s a Beach presents you the thrill of adrenalin-filled water-sports activities.
  • Foam parties are a delight as the dance floor and all who dance on it are engulfed by powerful jets of soap foam.
  • The Great Animation Show sets the stage up for you to act, sing, mime, play a musical instrument, dance, perform martial arts and show off your talent.
  • Karaoke Contest is another challenge for you to become the next Madonna or Lady Gaga as you grab the microphone and sing your favourite song in front of your audience.
  • Face Painting fascinates the younger Kids on Camp as an animateur transforms their faces to represent animals or their favourite superhero.