English Experience for Adults

Intensive General English (IE)

Speak English more fluently. Improve your knowledge of English – whether it is vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing, or pronunciation in English. It’s great for you to communicate in English. It’s much greater to communicate confidently after professional training!

Cambridge and IELTS International Qualifications (EP)

Obtain internationally recognised English qualifications for academic development and access to universities worldwide.  This Examination Preparation course combines your training in specific examination techniques and strengthens your proficiency in General English. It prepares you professionally for high standing English outcomes.  A skype interview prior to registration guides you to the more appropriate course and duration.

Parent and Young Child / Family and Young Children (PC)

Enjoy peace of mind while in class. Take advantage of the opportunity to follow any adult course while a young teacher encourages your child of at least 5 years of age to speak English at appropriately dedicated fun lessons, or, if younger, at playschool. The programme package benefit is also available for 2 adults and 2 accompanying children.

Conversation Practice (CP)

Enhance your speaking, fluency, pronunciation and intonation skills. Complement your English classes and, when in Malta, join the friendly Tuesday and Thursday evening conversation practice sessions to discuss diverse topical issues of general and current interest with a professional teacher. You may also ask for individual lessons to meet your specific language needs.

Club 50+ Medley: (CM)

Meet international senior achievers of 50+ years of age at morning social English speaking classes. Together share a relaxing holiday interacting with Malta’s rich Mediterranean Civilisation during four weekly organised activities of 3-4 hours on the arts, crafts, theatre, farming, cuisine, wine, honey, olive pressing, countryside walks, the Knights Crusaders, architecture, fortifications and much more!

Business English (BE)

Increase your Business English efficiency to conduct meetings, negotiations, presentations, write business letters and reports, interpret trends, facts and figures. Moreover, improve your spoken English skills for intercultural and social communications by combining with the Intensive General English course.

Professional and General English (PE)

Boost up your English terminology and style in line with your career or profession and supplement your general communication skills by following the Intensive General English Course to better reach out for heightened digital and global effectiveness. Typical learners include consultants, journalists, professionals in the medical, healthcare, sports, legal, IT, tourism, media, engineering sectors and other careers.

Individual Absorption English or English for Specific Purposes (AE)

 Maximise the return on your limited time resources, receive 100% teacher attention and customise your lessons on your personal requirements, be they educational, professional, work related or social. Set your own pace in this highly specialised individual tuition scenario, including lessons over a long week-end. Typical learners include academics, high ranking public officials, parliamentarians, judges, diplomats and public personalities, managers, finance directors…

Cambridge ESOL CELTA International Teacher Training (TT)

Deepen your professionalism in teaching English to adults and open up your teaching prospects to the world by obtaining this prestigious and internationally recognised University of Cambridge ESOL certificate upon successfully completing this very demanding teacher training course on methodology, lesson observation, teaching practice, tutorials and assignments. An extensive skype interview preceded by a language test prior to registration guide you towards the appropriateness of this course.