English Experience for Juniors

Teens Adventure (TA) 14-17 years

Teens Adventure welcomes individual students and groups. The main international programme runs throughout the summer months. Shorter sessions operate over the Easter and Christmas-New Year holidays and during October/November.

The week’s programme includes 20 English lessons of interactive conversation, 3 half-day, 1 full-day and 4 evening supervised activities selected from those already described.

The optional packages (A), (B) and/or (C) add up to provide a total involvement of 7 morning, 7 afternoon and 5 evenings per week, including the 5 half-days of lessons.

Kids Camp (KC) 10-13 years

Kids Camp International is dedicated to individual students and groups between mid-June and end August. It also applies to the Parent/Family and Younger Child/ren programmes.

These younger students are under 24/7 group supervision of NSTS Animateurs who organise their weekly full schedule of daily morning, afternoon and evening activities. These are suitably adapted to meet the interests of this age group with evening games, shows, painting, video screenings, digital interactions, artistic expressions and similar.

Optional packages (A) and (B) are also available. These will replace the included activity of the time.

Accommodation is limited to the safety designed wing of NSTS Campus Residence to facilitate better supervision and security, unless the Parent/Family is accompanying the Child to live elsewhere.

 Parent and Young Child/Family and Young Children (PC) Child 

A very young child takes to a language much more easily than when advanced in age – Our Parent and Young Child/family and Young Children package speaks to that.

Exploit NSTS’ dual English learning opportunity for you and your child/children. A child-loving teacher will use children’s books, games and fun to encourage your child to speak English during dedicated individual, small group classes, or, at playschool.

As parent/s you may concurrently follow an adult course, and enjoy peace of mind while the child is attentively cared for in class. The programme package benefit is available for 2 adults and 2 children.

The child will be under the parent/s’ care for the rest of the day.

School Groups (SG) 11-19 years

Teachers may choose from a course of 12, 16, 20 English lessons exclusive to their group, be they high, secondary, post-secondary vocational or trade schools, together with a number of half or full day and evening activities, or from an immersion programme of cultural, social and sports events.

Vocational or trade schools opt for ‘English and my First Job’: made up of 20 lessons that prepare students in English for their First Job followed by 20 hours of a vocational hands-on job in retail, customer relations or similar and 1 full-day and 2 evening activities.

The accommodation comes with basic core services of airport return transfers, welcome meeting and orientation walk, farewell party and support assistance from NSTS.

The teacher may select additional optional activities.



At NSTS students become better English speakers. They bring their own preferred topics into the classroom. Lessons are animated, interactive, fun and an unforgettable experience, using the student’s own digital device for conversation, filming and photographing moments of unique emotion. The teacher guides the class professionally to ensure that the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are well practiced and that pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary are always correct.


The rich after-class striking activities create additional opportunities to speaking English for diverse purposes. They also provide the student with the best of the destination – half-day outings to explore Malta’s identity in the awesome cities, towns and villages of earlier generations: Valletta, the Three Cities, Mdina, Rabat, Mosta, Marsaxlokk, the villages of the south and their multitude of attractions. These outings may be easily extended to a full-day.

Moreover activities take the student to beaches, parks and countryside, to places of entertainment, fun and science exploration, to sites of pageantry, culture and customs, to sports, boat cruises, treasure hunts, trekking, swimming, snorkelling, paddle boat rides and more – all under the watchful eyes of NSTS Animateurs.

Evenings bring an excess of international, foam, beach, and in-house animation parties, games, video-nights, talent shows, tournaments, summer beach or poolside barbeques, night cruises and swimming, open-air concerts, street performances, festival events and all that which makes Malta swing at night.

Arrival and departure transfers are included for juniors when unaccompanied by a parent subject to receipt of flight numbers 7 days in advance.


Each of the optional activity packages below makes up an additional 2 half-days, 1 full-day and 1 evening per week. The weekly contents vary and a package may be booked for many weeks.

Optional Package (A) – Leisure Activities: 2 half-days selected from entertainment at Limestone Heritage, Mediterraneo Marine Park, Malta National Aquarium, Popeye Village Fun Park, Splash and Fun Water Park; 1 full-day selected from Comino, Gozo, Round Malta Cruise, Sicily; and 1 evening selected from diverse Entertaining Performing Festival Events, Isle of MTV, Jamming Sessions, Malta Arts Festival Events, Malta Jazz Festival, Village Festa, Band Marches and Parades.

Optional Package (B) – Remedial Grammar & Leisure: 2 half-days of English Remedial Grammar to fortify your spoken English; 1 full-day and 1 evening according to Package (A).

Optional Package (C) – Scuba diving & Leisure: 2 half-days of taster scuba-diving; 1 full-day and 1 evening according to Package (A).