International Career Development

Practical Degree-Oriented Internship, English Communication Consolidation (DI) (DI/IE)

Give your graduate studies a head start to secure a superior graduate career path. Connect with relevant work experience and career skills in a quality, practical and mentored internship. For such programmes, you need to have a good level of spoken and written English. If not, or if you are not an EU or EEA national, you must combine your internship with an Intensive preparatory English course (IE) and on-going English lessons. In this way, you secure two solid experiences in one go!

Holiday Work Experience, English Communication Practice (HW) (HW/IE)

Pick up some work experience as you enjoy your Mediterranean Sea holidays. Popular options include hospitality, retail, customer assistance where you practice English as you work your way along. If your English is below fluency level, you will first follow an Intensive General English Course (IE) and then continue with lessons throughout your work experience. EU/EEA nationals could also be remunerated.

Work Abroad first training experience, English and my First Job (WA) (WA/SG)

Learn the meaning of work while still at vocational high school. Get the feeling of working life; the experience of English speaking culture; the practice of European mobility; apply for an Erasmus+ grant. Your knowledge of English must be at intermediate level for a full day’s effective training. Alternatively ‘English and my First Job’ shares your day between English training for work and internship hours.