High School & Senior High School Year Abroad


A high school year abroad is an exciting, programme designed to immerse you fully into a new culture. The education system in Malta is based on the British model with English as an official language of tuition. In this programme, you’ll enrol for one trimester, two trimesters, or a full scholastic year in a local high school, live at a homely and caring host family, and receive care and support from NSTS.

Senior High School 

If you’re between 16 and 18 years of age you may finish your studies internationally at a British style Sixth Form or
College in Malta for one trimester, two trimesters, or a full scholastic year and share life with a hospitable host family. If you wish to sit for ‘A’ level exams to enter universities in English speaking countries, then you must plan to stay for two years.
You will be guided to study from an available selection from English and other European languages, Mathematics
and the Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, Social Sciences, Economics or Accountancy and to participate in exciting
extracurricular activities and sports.

Start dates throughout the year: 

1 Term

03 Jan 18 – 28 Mar 18 / 04 Apr 18 – 28 Jun 18 /27 Sep 18 – 21 Dec 18 / 03 Jan 19 – 18 Apr 19 (supplement €620)

2 Terms

03 Jan 18 – 28 Jun 18 / 27 Sep 18 – 18 Apr 19 (supplement €783) /03 Jan 19 – 28 Jun 19
1 Year

27 Sep 18 – 26 Jun 19

Recommended age in years: 

Senior High School: 16-18 years old

High School: 13-16 years old

Accommodation sharing room and meal plan:

Senior High School: Host Family Full Board

High School: Boys Boarding College Full Board /Host Family Full Board