High School & Senior High School

more-info-12High School (HS)

Acquire character formation values that an intercultural education gives you. Break your middle or high school years to experience a different schooling style in a foreign country away from family, friends and your natural language. Join for 1 scholastic year (3 terms), or perhaps only 1 or 2 terms. You will study your same home subjects but with different stress and style. You will make new friends, learn diverse customs and take responsibility of yourself. College boarding for boys is also available.

Your registration follows an extensive skype interview to determine a preparatory English course that meets your needs. Also included are airport transfers, a 4 day arrival residential orientation, pastoral support and optional activities.

Senior High School (SH)

Finish your schooling by internationally enhancing your intellectual capabilities. Alternatively stay for 2 years (6 terms) to prepare yourself for university life. Study from an available selection from English and other European languages, Mathematics and the Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, Social Sciences, Economics or Accountancy in an English speaking community and participate in numerous talent sharpening extra-curricular activities and sports events.

Start dates throughout the year: 

Senior High School: Late September 2, 1 years, 2, 1 terms; Early January 2, 1 terms

High School: Late September  1 year, 2, 1 terms; Early January 2, 1 terms

Minimum entry level: 

Senior High School: B2

High School: B1+

Minimum entry academic qualifications:

Senior High School: Successful 10 year completion of schooling

High School: Prior class level school exam certificate

Recommended age in years: 

Senior High School: 16-18 years old

High School: 13-16 years old

Accommodation sharing room and meal plan:

Senior High School: Host Family Full Board

High School: Boys Boarding College Full Board /Host Family Full Board

Certificate: Certificate awarded