Holiday Work Experience, English Communication Practice

more-info-10Holiday Work Experience, English Communication Practice (HW) (HW/IE)

Pick up some work experience as you enjoy your Mediterranean Sea holidays. Popular options include hospitality, retail, customer assistance where you practice English as you work your way along. If your English is below fluency level, you will first follow an Intensive General English Course (IE) and then continue with lessons throughout your work experience. EU/EEA nationals could also be remunerated.

Internship duration:

Holiday Work: 4 -2 4 weeks

Holiday Work & English: 4-24 weeks

English duration:

Holiday Work: n/a

Holiday Work & English: 2 – 6 weeks

Internship hours per week:

Holiday Work: 10 – 40 hours

Holiday Work & English: 10 – 40 hours

Minimum English entry level:

Holiday Work: B1

Holiday Work & English: A2

Accepted nationalities:

Holiday Work: EU/EEA

Holiday Work & English: All

Recommended age:

Holiday Work: 18-30 years old

Holiday Work & English: 18-30 years old


Holiday Work:  Certificate of Internship Attendance

Holiday Work & English: Combined Certificate of Internship & English Merit  & Attendance