Expressions are a great way to improve your English skills and to speak more like a native English speaker.  Here are 5 easy-to-learn expressions to impression your friends, teacher, colleagues or even your boss!

1.      Short and sweet:  When something is short and efficient – not unnecessarily long or difficult

Example: For once the meeting was short and sweet, and without any problems.

under the weather

2.       Under the weather:  Not feeling well

Example: Maria left work early today because she was feeling under the weather.

 3.       Pros and cons: The advantages and disadvantages

Example:  Whilst thinking of leaving his job, Tom made a list of pros and cons before making his decision.

4.       To not make heads or tails of something : to not be able to understand s


Example: We got lost because I couldn’t make heads or tails of the map!

 5.    Hustle and bustle: A lot of noise and movement

Example: I love the hustle and bustle of London!

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