1 Does it ever rain here?
During the summer months there is plenty of sunshine averaging at 12 hours a day and temperatures are around 30ºC but it does rain occasionally. The average rainfall in July is a tiny 0.2 mm however, when autumn arrives so does the thunder and the rain. Even though the rain can be heavy at times the temperature remains mild throughout autumn and winter.

 2 What is Kinnie?
Kinnie is Malta’s very own soft drink and the locals’ big favourite. There isn’t another soft drink that compares to it: kind of looks like cola, tastes a bit like tonic but sweeter. It is made of orange flavouring and aromatic herbs – a must try during your visit.

 3 What are the fireworks for?
Malta celebrates numerous festas (also known as feasts) during the summer, which are religious celebrations of the local parishes of each village. Expect marching bands, beautiful decorations of the village and a splendid firework display.

 4 Is that the George Cross on the Maltese flag?
Yes it is. The entire nation was awarded the George Cross in 1942 for their bravery and heroism during the Second World War. At that time Malta was a British crown colony and gained its full independence in 1964.

 5 How do you say ‘Thank you’ in Maltese?
The majority of the nation speaks English as being bilingual however if you wish to give Maltese phrases a go then good luck! It’s a rather complicated but very unique language with Semitic origins but written in Latin script. To say ‘Thank you’ in Maltese is: ‘Grazzi’

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