We’ve got some easy tips which will have you improve your English in no time!


  1. Did you know that we say that we travel ON a bus, ON a train, ON a boat, ON a plane but IN a taxi?
  2. And that we say IN the morning, IN the afternoon, IN the evening, but AT night?
  3. If we use a time expression like, ‘in 1999’ or ‘yesterday’ we must always use the past simple and never present perfect. For example ‘I went to India in 1999’ and not ‘I had gone to India in 1999’.
  4. Did you know that the past simple verb for ‘cut’, ‘hit’, ‘let’, ‘put’ and ‘cost’ are the same as the present simple verb? So we say “Yesterday this apple cost €1” not “Yesterday this apple costed €1”
  5. ‘Born’ is not a verb.  We say, ‘Where were you born?’ and not ‘Where did you born?’
  6. Between the verb ‘Go’ and a place, we always use the word ‘to’ except with the word ‘home’! We say go to school, go to work, go to the cinema but go HOME!
  7. We use the present simple ‘I come’ for facts and the present continuous for things happening now.  Matt is English is a fact.  Therefore we say, “He comes from London” not “He is coming from London!”
  8. We use -ING after the verb ‘like’, and TO after ‘would like’.  So we say “I like eatING chocolate” but “I would like TO eat a chocolate”


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