There have been several studies investigating why people live longer and are generally happier in Mediterranean countries than anywhere else in Europe. Research suggests that this could mainly be due to the Mediterranean diet, which consist of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally caught fish and the popularity of consuming olives which has several health benefits. The healthiness of the meals doesn’t compromise on the taste at all, with plenty of herbs being used in the Mediterranean kitchen your taste buds will get a kick and your immune system will get some added benefits too from these fresh herbs.

country walk

Long walks in the countryside or along the beach are very popular which contributes to the physical well-being of the Mediterranean citizens. In addition to this, during summer months swimming in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea is a perfect way to get a daily exercise while cooling off from the summer heat. The general mentality is certainly different from the rest of Europe with an aim for a stress-free, relaxed mindset and a can-do attitude. Instead of getting angry and stressed at being stuck in a queue, the locals will turn this opportunity into a social activity: chatting with your fellow people waiting in line. The combination of the healthy diet and the relaxed way of thinking could be the main reasons why the people living in Mediterranean countries tend to have a happier way of life.

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