Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a rewarding career choice. You can help others improve their English communication skills, which will provide them with a better employability position as English remains the global business language. Being able to speak and write in English isn’t only a basic requirement in today’s job market but it can also open the door to many other opportunities such as establishing international friendships, making holiday communications much smoother or reading a book in its native language just to mention a few.

As a fully qualified EFL teacher you can travel the world and teach in several countries, while you also learn about their culture and explore their heritage. If travelling isn’t really your thing then you can still work as an EFL teacher either privately or part of a language school.

To become fully qualified, one of the requirements in Malta is to have a TEFL cert qualification. At NSTS we can help you achieve that with our TEFL CERT Course which will be running from 1st June on a full time basis.


1st June – 19th June
Monday – Friday
09:00 – 12:30

Please contact Jean Sciberass for more information on: jscib@nsts.org or 255 88502.


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