Written by NSTS intern Claire Villiers

I’ve been doing an internship at NSTS in Malta for about 3 weeks and I really enjoy it so far. I’m studying at Friedrich-List-Schule Berlin, in Germany to become a foreign language correspondent. As part of my studies, I have to do an internship for 5 weeks. The Claire Villiersorganisation Go Europe, EU agency at FLS (Friedrich-Liste-Schule) offers the opportunity to do internships abroad. I also could have decided to do an internship in my hometown however I consciously decided to go abroad. There are a lot of pros and cons but all in all I can say that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. I decided to go to Malta.

At the beginning, when I arrived in Malta, I thought that everything was exiting and beautiful: the change of environment and climate, all the different new people. After the first few days I was a little overwhelmed by all the new impressions and living in a room with 2 flatmates however I got used to it quite quickly as I am there just in the evening and for sleeping.

I can definitely say that I have developed and learnt about myself in many different ways: I gained a lot of work experience in the field I’m studying at the moment, I learnt dealing with new and different situations and people- just by living in everyday life. I Claire internfound it interesting, after one to two weeks everything has slipped into a routine: going to the internship, having a break outside in the sun, meeting my friends after work, going home for dinner in the evening with my flatmates.

During my stay I try to make the most out of being on this beautiful island, so at the weekend I usually visit different places, like Mdina, Naxxar or Birgu which are lovely small towns with an old- fashioned, romantic atmosphere. Last weekend I had my first scuba-dive course which was really exciting and challenging for me. Sometimes I just relax with friends outside while sun-bathing at the seaside, eating ice cream and observing the people and everyday events.

I realised that Malta offers a lot of different new experiences, I think that this is the case with many other new places as well; so my thinking is: when life offers you the chance to do such a new experience: finding out about new places, people and culture, tasting and experiencing new food, collecting fresh impressions- you need to take it and make the best of it. I would recommend this to everyone, if you have the possibility to work or do an internship abroad, take it: you will gain work experience and learn a lot about yourself and life in general.

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