Practical Degree-Oriented Internship, English Communication Consolidation

more-info-9Practical Degree-Oriented Internship, English Communication Consolidation (DI) (DI/IE)

Give your graduate studies a head start to secure a superior graduate career path. Connect with relevant work experience and career skills in a quality, practical and mentored internship. For such programmes, you need to have a good level of spoken and written English. If not, or if you are not an EU or EEA national, you must combine your internship with an Intensive preparatory English course (IE) and on-going English lessons. In this way, you secure two solid experiences in one go!

Internship duration:

Practical Degree-Oriented: 8 -36 weeks

Practical Degree-Oriented & English: 8 -36 weeks

English duration:

Practical Degree-Oriented: n/a

Practical Degree-Oriented & English: 2 -12 weeks

Internship hours per week:

Practical Degree-Oriented: 35 – 40 hours

Practical Degree-Oriented & English: 35 – 40 hours

Minimum English entry level:

Practical Degree-Oriented: B2

Practical Degree-Oriented & English: B1

Accepted nationalities:

Practical Degree-Oriented: EU/EEA

Practical Degree-Oriented & English: All

Recommended age:

Practical Degree-Oriented: 21 – 35 years

Practical Degree-Oriented & English: 21 – 35 years


Practical Degree-Oriented:  Certificate of Internship Attendance

Practical Degree-Oriented & English: Combined Certificate of Internship & English Merit  & Attendance