Terms & Conditions


1. Preamble
2. Definitions
3. Subject
4. Scope of application
5. Validity
6. Reservation
7. Reservation process
8. Acknowledgement of receipt of the reservation
9. Customer service
10. Cancellation or modification by the customer
11. Stay at the residence/hostel
12. Liability
13. Complaints
14. Prices
15. Payment
16. Privacy protection
17. Agreement on evidence
18. Force majeure
19. Applicable law
20. Entirety of agreement
21. Development/modification of the general terms and conditions of online sale

22. Applicable Date

a. NSTS operates the website nsts.org and booking.nsts.org reservation site for language and education courses, accommodation and leisure services, work and study programmes as well as ancillary services related thereto.
b. The site enables users to enter into a transaction with NSTS and reserve and purchase courses, rooms in the various residences managed by the NSTS and other services.
c. All commercial relations arising with the customer are deemed to be executed through the brand NSTS of company registration C4425 of 220 St Paul Street Valletta VLT1217 Malta with VAT Registration Number MT 1002 8030.
d. The customer confirms having received from NSTS all the necessary information on the site www.nsts.org.
e. Any reservation made via the nsts.org website or booking.nsts.org imply consultation and full and unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions and the sales conditions for the reserved rate.
f. The customer agrees to these general terms and conditions and the sales conditions for the reserved rate at the time of reservation; no reservation is possible without this agreement.
g. The site includes the following information:
-The supplementary services offered
-Payment methods
-The general terms and conditions of sale and the sales conditions for the reserved rate
-Validity of the offer and its price
-Minimum length of the proposed contract, if applicable
h. The customer, prior to ordering the services, declares that the purchase of these services is for personal use only.
i. All the information available at nsts.org is shown in English as well as in other languages. In the event of a discrepancy between versions, the English version shall be held to be the correct version.
j. The customer confirms that s/he is fully able to legally commit to these terms and conditions.

2. Definitions
The terms used in this document are defined as follows:
« Reservation confirmation »:
Virtual document summarizing the services reserved and paid online by the customer.
« Customer »:
Individual acting on personal or professional interests but without relation to other parties
« Email »:
Any message, in text, voice, sound, or image format, sent by a public communication network and stored on a network server or in the workstation equipment of the recipient until it is retrieved by said recipient
« Reservation request »:
Request for a language course or room reservation or other ancillary service submitted by the customer via mobile or Internet services
« Online reservation »:
Reservation of language courses, rooms or other ancillary services by way of a virtual reservation form on the NSTS website, available at nsts.org.
« Service »:
Reservation of a language course, a room or other ancillary service of which the main features are displayed at nsts.org
« Website »:
Service operated by NSTS on the Internet network, available at nsts.org

3. Subject
a. These terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties under the scope of the remote reservation of services offered by NSTS on its website nsts.org
b. They govern all the steps required for reservation and post-reservation between the contractual parties.
c. The customer confirms that s/he is aware of and has accepted these general terms and conditions of sale and the sales conditions for the reserved rate, which are available on the nsts.org website.

4. Scope of application
These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all reservations made online.

5. Validity
a. These terms and conditions of sale apply for the entire length of time that NSTS services are available at nsts.org
b. NSTS reserves the right, without notice or indemnity, to temporarily or permanently disable the website nsts.org or its online reservation pages.
c. NSTS is not responsible for damages of any nature that may result from these changes and/or from the temporary unavailability or indeed permanent shutdown of all or part of the site or its associated services, such as the online reservation pages.

6. Reservation
a. The customer selects the services presented on the website.
b. The customer confirms that s/he is aware of the nature, the purpose and the reservation terms of the services available on the website and that he has requested and obtained the necessary and/or supplementary information required to make the reservation in full knowledge of the facts.
c. Customers may reserve, on the nsts.org website, on an individual basis. For reservations concerning business groups, meetings, seminars etc., please visit the nsts.org website or send an email to salesint@nsts.org
d. The customer is solely responsible for his/her choice of services and their suitability as to his/her needs, such that NSTS shall not be held responsible in this aspect.
e. The reservation is deemed accepted by the customer at the end of the reservation process.

7. Reservation process
a. Reservations made by the customer take place by way of the virtual reservation form available online at nsts.org or by a reservation request sent via mobile services.
b. The reservation is deemed to be created upon NSTS’s receipt of the reservation form or reservation request and completed upon an online payment by credit card.
c. Prior to any reservation, the customer shall complete the information required in the reservation form or request.
d. The customer attests to the truth and accuracy of the information submitted.
e. The reservation process includes the following main steps:
Step 1: Finding a language course or residence and selecting a course, room and rate
Step 2: Selection, where applicable, of one or more supplementary services
Step 3: Checking the reservation details, the total price and the applicable sales conditions and making any necessary changes to the selection (course, room, rate, supplementary service), for online reservations only.
Step 4: Registering the customer’s details
Step 5: Consultation and acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale and the sales conditions for the reserved rate
Step 6: Confirmation by the applicant of the reservation

8. Acknowledgement of receipt of the reservation
a. The customer reservation is subject to an acknowledgement of receipt by email.
b. For online reservations, the emailed acknowledgment of receipt of the reservation summarizes the contract offer, the services reserved, the prices, the sales conditions related to the selected rate and accepted by the customer, information pertaining to commercial warranties, and the address of the vendor’s premises to which the customer should address any complaints.

9. Customer service
For any information relating to your reservation, our customer service centre is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5:30pm (GMT +1) at the following telephone numbers:
- Telephone: +356 2558 8000
- Fax +356 2558 8200
- Email: reservations@nsts.org
The postal address is:
NSTS Reservations
220, St. Paul’s Street
Valletta VLT 1217

10. Cancelation or modification by the customer
a. Prepaid reservations cannot be changed or cancelled online. Sums paid in advance as a deposit will not be reimbursed. In this case, it will be stipulated in the sales conditions for the rate.
b. Changes notified within 10 days prior to arrival are subject to a Euro 50 (fifty) fee.
c. Cancellations or curtailments notified within 10 days prior to arrival or ‘no shows’
are subject to a two hundred and fifty (Euro 250) fee.
d. No refunds will be due once part of the service is utilised.

11. Stay at the residence / hostel
a. Pursuant to regulations in force in certain countries, customers may be asked to complete a registration form on arrival at the Residence. For this purpose, customers will be asked to show proof of identity.
b. Pets are not allowed at any of the NSTS Residences.
c. The customer agrees and undertakes to use the room responsibly and according to any Rules and Regulations regulating among other behaviour at NSTS Residences as may be adopted from time to time by NSTS. Behaviour which is deemed to be contrary to such Rules and Regulations, good neighbourliness, morals or public order may result in eviction without any compensation and/or without any reimbursement if payment has already been made.
d. Whether internet access provided at the NSTS managed properties’ is free or paid for, the Customer shall ensure that access through such resources shall not be used for any purpose which is in breach of any law and indemnifies NSTS, its directors, management and staff and its suppliers against any liability or damages.
e. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the customer must vacate the room before 12 p.m. on the last day of the reservation. Failure to do so shall result in the customer being billed for an extra night.

12. Liability
a. The photographs shown on the website are for information purposes only. Although every effort is made to ensure that the photographs, graphic images and text used to illustrate the displayed properties’ provide as accurate an impression as possible of the accommodation offered, variations may occur, in particular as a result of any change of furniture or renovation. Customers may not make any claim in this respect.
b. NSTS shall not be held responsible for the non-fulfilment or inadequate fulfilment of the reservation in the event of a force majeure, actions of third parties, actions of the customer or of his partners, such as unavailability of the Internet network, no access to the website, external intrusion, or in the event of non-authorized prepayment from the bearer’s bank.
c. NSTS accepts no responsibility for any indirect damage as a result, in particular loss of earnings, actions of third parties, actions of the client or of his partners.
d. Hyperlinks may link to websites other than the NSTS site. NSTS accepts no responsibility for the content of these websites or the services featured on them.
e. Any reservation or payment that is irregular, ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent for any reason attributable to the customer will lead to cancellation of the order at the customer’s expense, without prejudice to any rights which NSTS may have at law.
f.Bookings for persons under 18 years of age must be, and are deemed to be, endorsed by the person’s parent/legal guardian who simultaneously retains full responsibility for their protégé’s acts and/or omissions during the latter’s stay in Malta.
g. The conduct of a person under 18 years of age enrolled on an NSTS programme is governed by a charter that is available upon request. The terms govern, among other things, unaccompanied outing in the evenings, return times, a refundable deposit of Euro 50 (fifty) levied by Residences against damages or misdeeds, smoking and the prohibition of consumption of alcohol and do not exclude 17 years olds and over.

13. Complaints
Complaints relating to failure to execute or poor execution of services must, under penalty of foreclosure, be made known to NSTS in writing within 24 hours of arrival , either directly or to the Customer Service address indicated above. Any complaints filed after departure from Malta will not be considered by NSTS.

14. Prices
a. The prices pertaining to the reservation of services are indicated before and during reservation.
b. Prices may vary and may be provided in terms of different denominators such as duration, groups size, intensity etc. It is incumbent upon the customer to ensure that s/he clearly understands what is being purchased.
c. The prices are confirmed with the client as a tax-inclusive amount in Euro. These prices are only valid during the period stated on the website.
d. Only payment in Euro is accepted.
e. Unless specified otherwise, supplementary services are not included in the price.
f. Prices take account of the VAT applicable on the day of the reservation and any change to the applicable VAT rate will be automatically reflected in the prices shown on the billing date.
g. Any change to or introduction of new legal or regulatory taxes imposed by the competent authorities will be automatically reflected in the prices shown on the billing date.

h. The quoted accommodation rates are valid for clients who concurrently book an English language course of minimum duration 1 week and pay the Course Registration Fee.  Clients who book accommodation only and do not pay as stated below will be subject to pay a surcharge of 50% of the rate on arrival at check-in.  All fees and charges for booked services must be paid for in full at the time of booking or by the latest 3 full weeks (5 full weeks for stays in July or August) before the arrival date.

15. Payment
a. Customers shall provide their bank details as a guarantee of the reservation except for special conditions or rates, using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard), indicating directly in the area provided for this purpose (secure entry by SSL encryption) the card number without spaces, its expiration date and the card security code.
b. Certain services may require immediate payment whether these may be special offers or to secure placement.

16. Privacy protection
a. The information requested from customers is necessary for processing reservations and sending them information about NSTS products and services. This information will be sent to NSTS and the online payment service provider. NSTS cannot register the reservation without this information.
b. If a customer has made a booking through booking.nsts.org web site and unless he has specified otherwise, NSTS is authorized to send him communications which may include among others the company newsletter, promotional offers from NSTS and/or its partners, customer satisfaction questionnaire via e-mail or other channels. NSTS will not make the customers personal details available to any other party external to NSTS.
c. The customer may unsubscribe from these communications at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of each commercial email.
d. The customer is hereby informed that all personal data collected shall undergo automated handling, for which NSTS is responsible.
e. The handling of these data shall enable NSTS to:
•fulfil its obligations to the customer
•inform the customer of special offers and any new services created by NSTS
f. The customer authorizes NSTS to process any personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act of Malta and to transfer / disclose such data to other companies within the NSTS group of companies as deemed necessary for the provision of the services enrolled for and for the purposes associated thereto.

17. Agreement on evidence
a. The specification of necessary credit card details and the acceptance of these terms and conditions and the reservation form or reservation request constitute an electronic signature equivalent in value to a physical signature between the parties.
b. The computerized records retained in NSTS’s IT systems shall be retained under reasonable levels of security and considered as proof of communication, orders and payments between the parties.
c. The customer is hereby informed that his IP address is recorded at the time of reservation.

18. Force majeure
NSTS cannot be held liable with respect to the customer for failure to execute its obligations resulting from an event of force majeure. Cases of force majeure or unforeseen events are considered to be those habitually recognized by the case law of the Maltese Law Courts.

19. Applicable law
All disputes shall be regulated by the Courts of Malta.

20. Entirety of agreement
a. These general terms and conditions of sale, the sales conditions for the rate reserved by the customer and the reservation form or request express the parties’ obligations in their entirety.
b. These terms and conditions override all general or specific conditions communicated by the customer.

21. Development/modification of the general terms and conditions of online sale
NSTS may change or add to these general terms and conditions of online sale at any time. In this case, the new version of the general terms and conditions of online sale will be published online by NSTS. From the time it is published online, the new version of the general terms and conditions of online sale will apply automatically to all customers.
Please also see the supplementary sales conditions related to each rate, room type or service type, which are shown on the price list.

22. Applicable Date

These terms and conditions are applicable from: 01March2013