Mark Jones
I just have to say a huge personal thank you for the last four weeks. While throughly professinal throughout, you have infused your gentle humour and warmth to the course, which has challenged, stimulated and encouraged me as a teacher. Your critical eye has been focused, apt and welcome; your support and help invaluable. I made the right decision!
Lilou Flore
I stayed two weeks in Malta, I loved this country so much and I visited so many beautiful places. It was really a good experience for me. I improved my English a lot, my teacher was very nice and the lessons were always interesting. Read more >>
Barbara Shipitchina
I have incredible memories from Malta! I was there 2 times, both with NSTS. Spending your time at NSTS means having fun every day, getting in touch with new people from all around the world, learning English and traveling around these beautiful islands. Read more >>
Szymon Makles
My experience at NSTS was wonderful ! Not only did I have a great time learning English (A big thanks goes to Mr. Steve, who made the lessons so special), but also attending all the other activities, which were brilliant! Read more >>
Marylou Gallo
I really enjoyed my holidays in Malta. The leaders were very funny and nice! NSTS Campus is great! I love the swimming pool where we've shared a lot of fun and had some meals. Read more >>
Masha Tereshkova
Masha Tereshkova
My experience in Malta was unbelievably great! I went to many different English summer camps, but NSTS was the best one. I love the atmosphere, the people and the culture in Malta. Read more >>
Rosanna with Elia and Gioele
I took my two sons of 12 and 9 years old to NSTS Campus, they attended an English course. Both of them said that the teacher was very good and they learned a lot. They met a lot of friends and they had a very good time at NSTS Campus Residence and thanks to all the activities organized by the kid's entertainers. They' ve been fantastic and the receptionists of Campus as well! Many thanks NSTS !
Emilía Höskuldsdóttir
CLUB 50 programme - olives and cooking October 2015 (62)
Hi, my name is Emilia and I´m from Iceland. For so long I had a dream to go to an English school.  For sheer coincidence I went to NSTS school and I can thank my friend Svandís. She was going to NSTS school and I went with her. I chose the CLUB 50+ programme and I don´t regret it Read more >>
Kvetoslava Buresova and Vladimir Bures
club 50 - Copy
Me and my husband like learning languages and travelling. We like spending time by the sea  but we don´t need to lie on the beach the whole day! We found the ideal combination of relaxing and some training through NSTS’s CLUB 50+ programme. I can recommend this programme to anybody who has the same interest of getting to know something new and enjoying the summer days on beach. Read more >>
Joana Guerreito
I think it’s safe to say that everyone that comes to Malta, comes to look for another chapter in their lives and doesn’t expect to fall in love with this tiny island.But what makes it so special that everyone that comes here, always comes back?I know that it is beautiful and the weather is nice, but what makes it so special? Let me tell you about my experience. Read more >>
Alison Bonello
All in all, this course was extremely interesting and fun to have done. I have always loved the idea of teaching and the English language has always been a subject I loved. In addition, NSTS, I feel, could not have made this experience more enjoyable. Read more >>
Carina Wörz
Now my 8 weeks here in Malta are over and I'm flying back to Germany. My time in Malta was amazing. I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks you NSTS for this great experience. Read more >>
Djurdjica Civcic
I enjoyed every second at NSTS. I met lots of people (French, Polish, Italian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian) and I liked the Maltese way of life. The island is beautiful and I loved the Blue Lagoon. NSTS staff is very friendly too  Read more >>
Luana Scarano
Even though the language school wasn't my main purpose for going to Malta, I had the best time whilst there! I met so many nice people from all over the world and I made some great friends. The teachers (greetings to Monica and Didi) always made an effort to get the best out of us ! Read more >>
Annyck Tornay
My dear Friends, I'm very happy to have known you all and it was a big pleasure for me to enjoy my time with you in Malta! I’m at home now but I will never forget the good time that I’ve spent with you all in Malta!  Read more >>
Eloiza Sardanha
My experience in Malta was amazing! I loved all the people that I've met, all the places that I've visited, and all the moments spent on the island. I made good friends and I met others cultures. Read more >>
Izabella Blume-Firla
Eight weeks learning the English language, meeting new and friendly people. And the possibility to visit Malta, Gozo, Comino, also making a trip to Mountain Etna and more and more. All that was possible thanks to NSTS. Read more >>
Natalia Tekiela
My 3 weeks in Malta were really amazing! I’ve spent an unforgettable time there with great people. My lessons at NSTS school were really useful and interesting;  I've learned a lot from my lovely teacher Christie. Thank you ! Read more >>
Claudia Maria Ferreira Guesser
claudia maria ferreira guesser
Farewell message!!! According to Albert Einstein time is relative. I can understand this when I think about the 6 weeks that I have been studying English in Malta. If I think of the time I was away from my family and friends it was too long. If I think of the pleasant moments that I spent here, the time flew. Read more >>
Noriyuki Hatakeyama
12200704_1700952653483861_409961015_n (1)
One year after my studies at NSTS, the friendships I made are still continuing. Previously, I was very worried about living in a foreign country, but when I arrived to  Malta, it didn't take much time for me to realise there was no need to worry. Read more >>
Marie Nocelli
My experience in Malta was great, I went with a group of 7 students and I arrived on Tuesday, 4th August. I was very well looked after by the NSTS team. I was really happy to be here. The course was interesting, and my teacher was just awesome. Read more >>
Lara Grech
laura grech (1)
The whole course was a blast, when applying for the course I thought it was going to be way more tedious however none of the sessions were boring at all! All three teachers were well prepared and gave really good examples with regards to what goes on in a lesson. Read more >>
Konrad Salamończyk
My time in Malta was the greatest of all holidays! It's the best camp ever! I enjoyed each activity here and the lessons as well - special thanks to Shaun and of course to everyone working at NSTS: Read more >>
Margaux Foutieau
I worked for NSTF for 3 months and it was really a good experience. At work I met beautiful people who are really kind, nice and funny. I improved my knowledge, I learnt a lot of things with my team about work, life and Malta. Read more >>
Camilla Qatja
There are no words to explain my experience in Malta. It has been very helpful, not only to improve my English, but also to know people and cultures from all around the world. The staff was amazing: all the activity leaders were very kind and friendly, always ready to make us smile and make us enjoying our time. Read more >>
Rudy Guillem
I have spent 3 weeks in Malta as an English student at NSTS, to improve my English and to meet new friends from all around the world. Malta helped me to discover new cultures, a new country, new food and a new way of life ! It was hot even when it was raining. Read more >>
Julia Koch
It was my second year in a row with NSTS. I definitely don't regret that I decided to come back! I feel that Malta is the best place to improve your language skills and to enjoy the beauty of summer. I made friends with people from all around the world. Read more >>
Batuhan Yankuncu
It was the best time of my life ! Yes, I can easily say that. Malta was perfect! I met lots of friends and they were all so friendly with me especially the Polish guys. We celebrated my birthday and they really appreciated me. Read more >>
Oleksandr Kustovskiy
When we had arrived to Malta, NSTS staff was meeting us at the airport. It was very nice and enjoyable. They spoke English very clear and loudly but, unfortunately, I understood only 10% of information at that time. Immediately I thought “Everybody speaks only English around me. What will I do? I won't understand anything! Help!..”. Read more >>
Gwendoline Guillet
I have spent 13 weeks in Malta as a Sales and Marketing Assistant at NSTS Head Office improving my English level and developing my managerial skills. What an amazing experience it was ! I learnt and gained a lot of competence for my Master’s degree. My social insertion was not difficult here; I met a lot of people from different countries Read more >>
Ophelie Letessier
I had an amazing adventure in Malta. I spent a 9-week internship at the head office of NSTS and one week in their school (ELI) learning English. The staff is very nice and funny. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.  Read more >>
Okan Orman
I had an amazing time in Malta and at your school in Gzira . To be honest, it was the best experience of my life and I can't find the right words to explain my real feelings. I met a lot of lovely people Read more >>
Daniel Schüler
My time in Malta was the greatest experience of my life. I enjoyed every second of it and I'm so thankful to have been given the chance to make friends from all around the globe. Read more >>
Mariia Tochkasova
I was right choosing NSTS; this was indeed the best school. I want to thank my teacher, Jackie. I really loved her English lessons. Every day NSTS suggested several interesting activities. Read more >>
Bita Hatefi
Hello everybody,  it’s me Bita! I spent two months doing my internship at NSTS Head Office and  I want to say thank you for everything. I had a great time in Malta and with NSTS too. Malta was my first trip alone. In these two months I learnt a lot about life. I have the feeling that Malta has changed me a lot. Read more >>
Mariana Portilho Soares
Mariana Portilho Soares   (3)
My stay at NSTS Malta was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I met a lot of people from all over the world and made really good friends. The teachers and all the NSTS team were great and were always supporting us. Read more >>
Aurély Patteri
I don't have the right words for describing my real feelings but I just know that Malta will always be one of my favourite places in the whole world. Thanks very much NSTS for the unforgettable experience I had with you! Read more >>
Joe Mayne
DSCF6453 - Copy
A totally amazing experience all round ! I have loved every second of my time in Malta. I have spent 10 weeks as a graphic designer for NSTS and have managed to improve my portfolio, and 5 weeks with ICON learning website design to widen my skill set. Read more >>
Ekaterina Markova
ekaterina markova
I just want to say that it was one of my best trips ever. I've never had such an experience before – it was a great way to combine learning English and relaxing. Malta is a lovely place. I really liked the small streets with cosy houses and the colourful balconies with parrots on them. Read more >>
Accord Orchestra Postdam
AOP Malta 2015 - Dingli Kapelle 38 Gruppenfoto 4
ACCORD ORCHESTRA POSTDAM was in tour around Malta for four concerts together with “Santa Maria Accordion Band Malta” during this Easter holiday. It was a great joy for our children and youth orchestra to stay at NSTS Campus Residence. We would really like to say thank you to all the people involved in your management team, at reception, in the kitchen and  in the housekeeping. Read more >>
Franziska Jockwig
NSTS changed my whole attitude towards the English language and I've come back feeling confident and motivated in becoming an English teacher in Germany. It was the best idea to choose NSTS in terms of Cambridge certified teachers as they are warm, friendly people! Read more >>
Satoshi Takeshita
During my stay in Malta I really enjoyed my English lessons and all the suggested activities. I want to thanks all NSTS staff. I love Malta! Read more >>
Chloé Charles Gonzalez
malta 1
To remember Malta is to remember the incredible time I had at NSTS! Incredible for all  the friends I've met, for all the laughs I've had with my wonderful teachers and my joyful classmates. Incredible also because of Marie Claire's warm welcoming Read more >>
Shiho Nakama
My stay in Malta was great , amazing, beyond my imagination! During my first week, I wasn't able to understand or speak English at all but I made lots of friends which really helped me! My teacher Margo was such a great teacher Read more >>
Svenja Runk - High School Programme
I stayed in Malta for 7 months and it was a very nice experience. I really enjoyed the nice weather and my school. It was cool that we had a school uniform as in Germany we don't have one. NSTS was always there for me when I needed them: Read more >>
Irina & Pavel - Intensive English Course
Hello! I'm Irina. Me and my husband Pavel attended a one-week course at NSTS. During that time I realised that my English knowledge was not as bad as I thought :-) Read more >>
Florence Réquilé - General English course
Everyone made my first travel experience just perfect ! I stayed in Malta for only two weeks and after three days at NSTS I felt like I got a new life. To the NSTS Staff: thank you for your smiles every day and your kindness. Read more >>
Sakuro Koresawa - Intensive General English
I chose Malta to study English as I was interested in its culture and history: Malta had been occupied by the Phoenician, Roman, French and British. There are many historical sites and mysterious ruins. At school I had good opportunities to talk actively in English as there were not many Japanese students. The relation between staff, teachers and students are very close. Read more >>
School Group from Seville - Cultural Programme
SPANISH STUDENTS group - june 2014 (260)
We have all spent a great time with you. We will remember this trip as one of the best of our lives. Thank you so much !!!
Emrah Tasci - Intensive General English
First of all I don't have enough words to tell you all my emotions. The person who made us happy with her sweet smiles and her lovely words: Marie Claire Gatt. The person who taught us all Maltese history with his strong voice and his positive attitude: Erik Fonk The person who explained us all the school's activities very well and took fun: Clemir da Silva Read more >>
Sergei Borisevich - Intensive General English + IELTS
DSC_0277 - Copy
It was very enjoyable spending 2 months at NSTS. I've never had so many good friends in one place. This school is great for enjoying a holiday, meeting new friends, learning history and improving one’s English. I would like to thank the teachers for their interesting lessons. Thanks also goes to Marie Claire, Clemir, Eric and Censina for their good company. Read more >>
Aida Ivanova - Intensive General English
aida (2)
It was a wonderful trip and I am so happy that I have chosen Malta. NSTS teachers helped me a lot in improving my English. I made lots of new friends from all around the world and I want to say thank you to all of you for the  best school parties ever!  Read more >>
Astrid Kremser (Florian's mother) - Teens Adventure Programme
Just a few words to tell you how much my son and his friend liked the NSTS Language School Experience. The teachers were friendly and provided new and stimulating learning lessons that both of them liked a lot. The level was perfect and they really liked going to school there. Read more >>
Donnalise Caruana – TEFL Certificate Course
At first I was hesitant of coming to the course because I was afraid mostly of the teaching practice. However as soon as I entered the building I felt welcomed and instantly felt at ease. The lessons were all motivating and interesting, and there was no lesson which I felt that was boring or uninteresting. Read more >>
Vito Candela - Intensive General English
You are fantastic...very polite and kind. I miss you all at NSTS! A special greeting to my perfect teacher Jackie - she's a lovely person, very nice and professional. Read more >>
Hikari Mori - General English Course
My experience at NSTS was really good. Everyone was very kind. They suggested joining activities which helped me make new friends. Also in class, it was good that there was individual attention to all students and more opportunities to practise speaking. There were European and Asian students in  my class; Read more >>
Yasmine Tabone - TEFL Certificate Course
Yasmine Tabone
The course was very detailed - some of the aspects that we tackled are in the University course! The course is of a very high standard and worth every penny. It is efficient and very practical; rather than supplying the trainees with unnecessary theories, abstract ideas about teaching and paperwork it gets down to the nitty-gritty of the job.  Read more >>
Katharina Röver - Senior School Programme
katharina rover
I was really happy with my exchange organization. The host family and school were awesome and I was really happy with the support and the tips I have received from NSTS. Read more >>
Damiano Meneguzzi - Intensive General English
damiano meneguzzi testimonial
Hi guys, I'm Damiano and I arrived in Malta two months ago. In a foreign country you have been my first family. Your staff is very nice and professional and the atmosphere at NSTS is fantastic. I want to give thanks especially to my teacher Monica, to the anamateurs Clemir and Eric Read more >>
Rosmarie Lins - CLUB 50+ Programme
club 50 test 1
At NSTS every afternoon and weekend there is an activity offered and I think this is very generous. I have seen so much of Malta, Gozo and Comino...just fantastic!! Read more >>
Florie Matthieu - Work Experience: Professional Internship
I stayed in Malta for 3 months and it was a great experience. I worked at NSTS' head office and found my work experience really helpful. I met a lot of amazing people Read more >>