Accord Orchestra Postdam – NSTS Campus Residence guest

AOP Malta 2015 - Dingli Kapelle 38 Gruppenfoto 4

ACCORD ORCHESTRA POSTDAM was in tour around Malta for four concerts together with “Santa Maria Accordion Band Malta” during this Easter holiday. It was a great joy for our children and youth orchestra to stay at NSTS Campus Residence. We would really like to say thank you to all the people involved in your management team, at reception, in the kitchen and  in the housekeeping. You always satisfied our “special requests” quickly, without complications and always with a smile –when you changed one of our rooms, when you found storage for our beloved instruments and when you offered a space for our orchestra to rehearse.You always helped us answering our questions about buses, the best attractions of Malta, sports and activities in the surrounding area! A special thanks to all staff at reception for their welcoming support. We also want to underline that we found your catering service excellent, especially our warm lunches and dinners that were at a great level quality. Thank you all again for this adventurous and relaxing  week we spent at your Residence!