Bita Hatefi – Work Experience Programme


Hello everybody,  it’s me Bita! I spent two months doing my internship at NSTS Head Office and  I want to say thank you for everything. I had a great time in Malta and with NSTS too. Malta was my first trip alone. In these two months I learnt a lot about life. I have the feeling that Malta has changed me a lot.

First I want to say thank you to Andrew  and Josette. I spent all of my working hours with them. Andrew is a very good mentor  I felt very comfortable in the office and I was motivated to go to work every day. Working at NSTS is fun! NSTS is like a family now; all the staff were very friendly and helpful to me. When somebody asks me about NSTS I can only say good things and if I could I would stay longer.  Two months were definitely not enough for me!

I remember when I had tonsillitis, NSTS (Gaston, Natalie, Raisa etc.) was with me during this terrible time and was very helpful to do everything to make me feel better. I also want to say thank you to NSTS Campus Residence (Reception; Andrea, Matthew etc.) for taking care of me.

In Malta I feel at home, the atmosphere is very nice for me. Everyone is welcoming and I am sure that will coming back.  Thank you again for everything!!! I will never forget this great time!!