Claudia Maria Ferreira Guesser – Intensive General English

claudia maria ferreira guesser

Farewell message!!! According to Albert Einstein time is relative. I can understand this when I think about the 6 weeks that I have been studying English in Malta. If I think of the time I was away from my family and friends it was too long. If I think of the pleasant moments that I spent here, the time flew. So it is time to say goodbye and thank you!! Thanks to NSTS teachers Denisa , Norman and Margo . You are brilliant teachers and I loved every class. Thank you Clemir for your kindness, you made me feel proud to be Brazilian and Eric who shows a brightness in his eyes when he speaks aboutMaltese History. You are  right Eric, Malta is Wonderful. Thank you lovely Marie Claire Gatt: your good humour and kindness made my morning as special as you are. Thanks to all those colleagues whom I have had the pleasure to Know. You are really awesome!! Special thanks to my Brazilians friends that made me feel safer and glad. Thanks to NSTS Hibernia colleagues Joana Guerreiro and Roberta for receiving me and helping me whenever I needed it. Finally, I wish you happiness and a lot of success in your lives. Take care!!