Donnalise Caruana – TEFL Certificate Course


At first I was hesitant of coming to the course because I was afraid mostly of the teaching practice. However as soon as I entered the building I felt welcomed and instantly felt at ease. The lessons were all motivating and interesting, and there was no lesson which I felt that was boring or uninteresting. The teachers looked enthusiastic and thus we instantly were infected by their enthusiasm too. I am currently studying to become an English and Maltese teacher and this course helped me consolidate some of the abstract theory we heard of at the University. The fact that this course is based more on practical theory, the things that were abstract and unreachable were now concrete and could in a way adopt them myself too. If I had to propose some changes I would say that no changes are needed. The NSTS team is not only cheerful, enthusiastic and energetic, but they are reliable and always there to guide you in any teaching mishap one finds himself in.