Emilía Höskuldsdóttir – Club 50+ programme

CLUB 50 programme - olives and cooking October 2015 (62)

Hi, my name is Emilia and I´m from Iceland. For so long I had a dream to go to an English school.  For sheer coincidence I went to NSTS school and I can thank my friend Svandís. She was going to NSTS school and I went with her. I chose the CLUB 50+ programme and I don´t regret it.  I love this system with NSTS school. Before lunch we had an English programme, but in the afternoon we went to see the island, cooked together, went to the beach, to museums and learned about the local culture.  Our guide, Erik, is very knowledgeable and enlightening us about everything we asked for. The flowers, the bees, the medieval culture and how culture is today. I was in school for four weeks and I met a lot of people from various countries; teachers and staff at NSTS are all friendly and ready to help. The program opened a new way for me, now I listen more, understand more and dare to express myself. I wish all the best to NSTS school, teachers and staff. I´m grateful for my time at NSTS.