Gwendoline Guillet – Work Experience Programme


I have spent 13 weeks in Malta as a Sales and Marketing Assistant at NSTS Head Office improving my English level and developing my managerial skills. What an amazing experience it was ! I learnt and gained a lot of competence for my Master’s degree.
My social insertion was not difficult here; I met a lot of people from different countries such as Italian, Spanish, German, Belgian, Brazilian, Colombian, Argentinian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, Kazakh, etc., from different culture and different standard of living. My work for the “Work Placement Programme” helped me considerably to meet them.  This experience also allowed me to discover Malta and its islands during my free-time; I was involved in different activities provided by the school:
Trekking, motorbiking, snorkelling, scuba-diving, kayaking, driving on the right side… My experience in Malta was certainly one I will not forget! Thanks a lot for all that NSTS have done for me, especially Gaston, my mentor. I am coming back to France overjoyed, keeping in mind the positive moments I lived and I am ready for new adventures abroad, in another continent…