Joana Guerreiro – General English


I think it’s safe to say that everyone that comes to Malta, comes to look for another chapter in their lives and doesn’t expect to fall in love with this tiny island.But what makes it so special that everyone that comes here, always comes back?I know that it is beautiful and the weather is nice, but what makes it so special? Let me tell you about my experience.I started as a student at NSTS ELI and it was one of the best moments of my life in Malta, the teachers are amazing (especially my teacher Monica, I will never forget you!!), the environment is something that you cannot explain unless you are there and the people you meet there.

Clemir (my favourite Brazilian that makes fun of my name), Marie Claire (always a smile on her face), Eric (a great story teller). That school is just a beautiful place to know people and to learn more. And our Maltese nights… great memories of those nights, amazing summer nights, best nights ever!
Then I could never have imagined that I would start to work at NSTS Hibernia, and 1 year and a few months later here I am saying good bye with my heart in my hands.

So many adventures, so many groups from many countries; it would take me weeks to tell you stories about it and we would laugh about it. Malta is a life changing experience, it matures us. We have fun, we have hard times, we support each other, we visit places that we’ve never seen before, we complain about Maltese buses, Maltese food, the weather is hot and in the end we wish to have it all again because it stays in deep under your skin, in your heart.

It is more than an experience, it is the people that receive you with open arms in their country and say goodbye also with a broken heart like you.
So I want to thank EVERYONE that was in my life here in Malta and I’m sorry if I left someone out, but you are hundreds, literally hundreds!
At Campus Residence I want to thank the staff that received me so well, Francesco always nice to talk to you late at night, Krisztina thank you for your smile and your help in the beginning and now as a colleague, Nigel thank you for covering me on my vacations, Aliz such a sweet face, and Martin.Carmen a strong beautiful women, impossible not to love her! Danjiela big hair and big heart, Daniel Berhane thank you for helping me in the beginning with my job, very kind of you!

lastly I want to thank the most important family that I had in Malta, the ones that supported me all the times, through thick and thin during my stay; Monica Schembri, Roberta Grisci, Ettienne, Leli, Jonathan Micallef.

I can’t thank you enough for receiving me so well and teaching me all that know, thank you for this experience, and for making me smile every day.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you NSTS family for this opportunity in my life, I will never forget you all  !