Lara Grech – TEFL Certificate Course

laura grech (1)

The whole course was a blast, when applying for the course I thought it was going to be way more tedious however none of the sessions were boring at all! All three teachers were well prepared and gave really good examples with regards to what goes on in a lesson. The class observation made all the points the teachers mentioned ‘come to life’ which made me understand better how to communicate and carry out a lesson with intermediate students etc. We were also given various activities which I will definitely use in class (one of my favorite activities was: the detective/ Sherlock Holmes activity). All in all I believe that each lesson of the course was vital as we were exposed to different lesson types e.g. reading lesson, vocabulary lesson etc. I don’t believe that anything should have been added to the course as it prepares each person to understand how a lesson should be carried out and how to prepare from beforehand. Well done NSTS I couldn’t have chosen a better school to learn TEFL with.