Oleksandr Kustovskiy – Business English Course


When we had arrived to Malta, NSTS staff was meeting us at the airport. It was very nice and enjoyable. They spoke English very clear and loudly but, unfortunately, I understood only 10% of information at that time. Immediately I thought “Everybody speaks only English around me. What will I do? I won’t understand anything! Help!..”.  Next day we had our first test: it confirmed that I didn’t speak, understand or write English at that time. All NSTS teachers spoke English entirely. I thought, “This is a catastrophe!”. However, two days later a miracle happened! I started to understand the teacher’s propositions! I was relaxed and felt some sort of happiness. I express my gratitude for destroying my fear of English! This happened thanks to NSTS who always create a comfortable and efficient environment for studying English.  Thanks a lot to my teachers: Domi and Norman! Marie Claire, Clemir, Eric – you are the best! You are so friendly, responsive and cheerful! When I am writing this, I am smiling like a happy child!