Work Abroad First Training Experience, English And My First Job

more-info-11Work Abroad First Training Experience, English and my First Job (WA) (WA/SG)

Learn the meaning of work while still at vocational high school. Get the feeling of working life; the experience of English speaking culture; the practice of European mobility; apply for an Erasmus+ grant. Your knowledge of English must be at intermediate level for a full day’s effective training. Alternatively ‘English and my First Job’ shares your day between English training for work and internship hours.

Internship duration:

Work Abroad: 1-2 weeks

Work Abroad & English: 1-2 weeks

English duration:

Work Abroad: n/a

Work Abroad & English:  1-2 weeks

Internship hours per week:

Work Abroad: 20-30 hours

Work Abroad & English: 15-20 hours

Minimum English entry level:

Work Abroad: B1

Work Abroad & English: A2

Accepted nationalities:

Work Abroad:EU/EEA

Work Abroad & English: All

Recommended age:

Work Abroad: 16-21 years old

Work Abroad & English: 16-21 years old


Work Abroad: Certificate of Internship Attendance

Work Abroad & English:  Combined Certificate of Internship & English Merit  & Attendance